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Stock Status Update: 8/22/19 See our specials, promos and new items!

New and just arrived!

  • Kokopelli Rogue Lites in green.
  • Hala Rival Package SUP Series, Atcha 9-6, Fame, Asana and Radito
  • Innova 2019 Kayaks - Twists, Swings and Solars
  • AquaGlide 2019 Chinook 90 and Blackfoot 110 kayaks.
  • New Star Inflatables from NRS - Viper, Raven 1 and Raven II, Challenger and Rival
  • Hala Rado Inflatable SUP.
  • Kokopelli 12V Feather Pump.
  • MTI Java PFDs
  • Kokopelli Recon Inflatable Packraft and Internal Dry Bags
  • Kokopelli Animas Bag, Thigh Straps and Foot pump
  • New OSO PFDs from NRS

 Back in Stock!

  • Advanced Elements AE1044DS-XL and AFC Convertible in Red.
  • Kokopelli Rogue Lite in Yellow and Twain in Green.
  • Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag
  • Innova Thaya Dropstitch Inflatable Tandem Kayak
  • Hala Radito, Carbon StraightUp
  • NRS Star Inflatable Raven I and Raven II kayaks.

Closeouts and special purchases!

  • Sale on past season Advanced Elements inflatable Lotus, Hula 11 and Fishbone SUPS
  • Save 20 to 40% on past season, in-stock Innova Kayaks
  • Save 15 to 35% on all Stohlquist life vests.
  • Special Purchase Accent Carbon and fiberglass kayak and SUP paddles
  • Special sale on closeout Stohlquist, MTI and Astral in-stock PFDs.
  • Special purchase on Accent/Cannon Wave Fiberglass paddles - cosmetic blemish.

Low stock:

  • Red Paddle 2017 Max Race 10-6. One left, no more available.
  • Advanced Elements Ultralite, Island Voyage, 2 left each, more arriving 8/27.
  • Red Paddle Whip 8-10, Snap 9-4, Max Race 10-6, Ride XL - one left each.
  • Red Paddle Activ 10-8, two left.
  • Hala Playa, Atcha, Fame. One left each.
  • 2018 AquaGLide Chinook Two, Columbia Tandem XL, Klickitat ONe, Blackfoot SL - two left each.
  • Airis Stubby 9, one left, no more available.
  • Advanced Elements Double Deck in red. One left, more available in September.

Backordered or In-Transit:

  • Kokopelli Recon with Tizip, arriving 8/23.
  • Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump. Available in September.

No longer available:

  • Kokopelli 2018 packrafts. Sold out, no more available.
  • Innova Helios 1 - sold out, no more available.
  • 2018 Hala Rival Nass & Straightup. Sold out.
  • 2018 Innova Swing II, Twist 1 in green & red, and Solar - sold out,no more available.
  • Advanced Elements Stiffy inflatable SUP. Sold out, no more available
  • Kokopelli 2018 Nirvana Spraydeck, Nirvana Selfbailer, Castaway XL. No more available.
  • AquaGlide Chinook One, sold out - no more available.
  • Innova Helios 2, sold out, no more available.
  • Red Paddle 2017 Elite 12-6 and Flow 9-6. Sold out, no more available.
  • AquaGlide 2017 Cascade 12 inflatable SUP - Sold out, no more available
  • Innova 2018 Solar and Twist 1 in green
  • 2018 AquaGlide Blackfoot XL.
  • Hala 2018 Rival Hose, Straight Up. Sold out, no more available
  • Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame2.
  • AquaMarina Drifter inflatable fishing SUP. No more available.
  • AquaMarina SuperTrip inflatable SUP. No more available.
  • AquaGlide 2016 Cascade 12-0 Inflatable SUP Gen 1, sold out, no more available
  • Red Paddle 2017 Explorer 13-2, Ride 10-6, Sport 12-6, Race 14. Sold out, no more available.
  • Kokopelli 2017 Nirvana Self-Bailer and Spray Deck. Sold out, no more available
  • 2017 Red Paddle Explorer 12-6, 13-2, Elite 14, Ride 10-8, Ride 9-8, 10-7 Wind
  • AquaGlide Past Season Klickitat 2.
  • AquaGlide Past Season Rogue 1.
  • AquaGlide Past Season Blackfoot SL.
  • Advanced Elements Expedition Kayak in blue.
  • Kokopelli 2017 Twain, and Castaway XL and TZ models.
  • AquaGlide Past Season Chelan 1. Sold out.
  • Past season AquaGlide Klickitat One kayaks. Sold out.
  • 2017 Red Paddle Sport 11-3. Sold out.

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