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  • AirKayaks pressure gauge
    Add a pressure gauge to your foot or hand pump for added accuracy! The AirKayaks pressure gauge reads up to 15 PSI and is easily attached, locking between the pump and detachable hose using a pin and slot system. Works on...
  • Advanced Elements 12-Volt Electric Air Pump - AE2003
    Connects to your car lighter or power point for faster inflation! The 12V air pump is ideal for use on large and small inflatables, when getting onto the water is your highest priority. Comes with three interchangeable...
  • Advanced Elements Bellows Foot Pump - AE2001
    Use your foot to quickly pump up your inflatable! The pump is small enough to take with you, and offers high volume inflation; it can also be reversed for deflating. Extra long, flexible hose for added convenience and...
  • Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump - AE2009
    Cut inflating time nearly in half! The double action hand pump delivers air on up and down strokes - ideal for use on large inflatables. 5-ft accordion-style, non-kinking hose interlocks to the pump, so that it doesn't...
  • Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump w/Gauge - AE2011
    Featuring a built-in pressure gauge to ensure proper inflation while cutting inflation time nearly in half! The double action hand pump delivers a continuous stream of air on both the up and down strokes - ideal for use on...
  • Packlite bellows foot pump
    A mini-foot pump perfect for backpacking. Use your foot to quickly pump up your inflatable! The Bellows foot pump is designed for those that are looking for maximum portability. This inflatable kayak pump is compact, super...
  • AirKayaks double action hand pump
    Easily pump up your inflatable to 14 PSI in minutes!  The new high-pressure double action hand pump from AirKayaks allows you to pump up inflatables in half the time by pushing in air on both the up and the down...
  • AirKayaks double action hand pump with gauge
    No more guessing! Accurately pump up your inflatable to 14 PSI in minutes!The new AirKayaks high-pressure dual action hand air pump with pressure gauge allows you to accurately pump up inflatables to their optimum pressure...
  • AquaGlide 12V Turbo HP Pump
    Quickly inflate the military valves on your kayak or paddle board from 1 - 20 PSI! Currently sold out. Please contact us to get on the Notification List when back in stock. The AquaGlide 12V Two-Stage Turbo HP Pump is an...
  • AquaGlide 12V Turbo Pump - Up to 2.8 PSI
    Quickly inflate your kayak up to 2.8 PSI with a 12V pump! The AquaGlide 12V Turbo Pump is an extremely powerful 12v electric pump designed for quick inflation of watersports inflatables where no wall outlet is available...
  • AquaGlide bellows foot pump
    An economic and rugged foot pump capable of inflating to 2.6 psi.This 1-liter capacity, durable, bellows-style foot pump makes quick work of pumping small and medium sized inflatables to moderate pressure – 2.6 psi max...
  • AquaGlide High Pressure Kayak Pump with dual inflation system
    Cut down on setup time with this rugged Aquaglide kayak pump!An extremely efficient, high-pressure hand pump with pressure gauge. The pump comes with a Y-hose, allowing one to fill both side chambers at once. The Y-Hose...

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