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Advanced Elements Convertible Inflatable Kayak - AE1007R


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The power of a shark with the flexibility of an inflatable!

AirKayaks Special - FREE A3502 Advanced Elements 32L CargoPak Backpack ($69.95 value) with purchase, while supplies last. Automatically added at checkout.

Please also take a look at our high-pressure AdvancedFrame Convertible DS Kayak, in stock. 

The unique Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame2 Convertible Inflatable Kayak features a truly cutting-edge design, with its built-in rigid bow and stern and high-end components.

The front and back ribs are made of high grade aluminum, allowing the bow to slice through water like a knife. The stern acts as a skeg, which increases the tracking performance. When the chambers inflate, these ribs are pressed against the outer cover and form a high performance bow and stern which rival the tracking of a hard-shell day touring kayak yet still folds up compactly! While most inflatables ride ON the water, the Advanced Elements AE1007 R rides IN the water.

The convertible kayak is manufactured from extremely durable materials and high-end components. There is plenty of on-board storage space without cramping your leg room, making extended trips much more enjoyable. Gear can be stored behind the rear seat. It sets up in easily, and is compact enough to take along for an adventure anywhere. The convertible kayak's durable double-coated fabric, heavy-duty PVC and electronically welded seams can take bumps, scrapes and rough water.

The AE1007 R Advanced Elements convertible inflatable kayak features optimal roominess for those that don't like to be hemmed in. But in a matter of seconds, with the optional single or double decks you can create a "closed deck" kayak with the ability to use a spray skirt. Three seating arrangements allow for maximum versatility!

If you love the water, but like to travel light, this sleek compact inflatable kayak will add a new dimension to your outdoor adventures. From lakes, and mild rivers, to bays and estuaries, it is a delight to get on the water quickly; keep it deflated in the trunk of your car and the next time you're driving along a river, lake or bay, you can be fishing or paddling in just minutes! The Advanced Elements AE1007 R convertible kayak is the perfect watercraft for campers, Rvers, travelers or those that just don’t want the hassle of roof racks! Duffle bag included!

Features include:

  • Built in rigid-formed Bow and Stern with aluminum frame
  • Skeg/tracking fin
  • Hefty duffle carrying bag, maintenance kit, instructions and pump adaptor.
  • New! Adjustable, higher-backed seats for more support and comfort
  • New! Redesigned d-rings are easier to use.
  • New! 1 PSI Pressure release valve built into floor bladder.
  • New! Velcro paddle holders.
  • Storage area behind back cockpit
  • Military-style Air Valves
  • Molded low-profile rubber handles
  • Durable double-coated PVC-coated nylon w/tarpaulin fabric
  • Electronically Welded Seams
  • Bungee Deck Lacing to hold extra gear
  • Dimensions: Length 15 ft, width 34 inches
  • Weight: 56 lbs, max load 550 lbs, 6 chambers
  • Easy storage, portable, packs into convenient duffle bag, folded dimensions 36x21x11 inches
  • Durable, lightweight and compact - inflates easily!
  • Designed to be used in flat water to salt water.
  • Advanced inflation TwistLok valves and high flow Spring Valves! Fits most standard pumps without an adaptor!

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System Details

Package Details:
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Kayak Only:
Comes with carrying case, seats, repair kit & instructions. #AE1007
Basic System:
Bundles in two 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddles and U185 Sevylor double action hand pump. #AE1007-SB2
Deluxe System:
Bundles in two 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddles, U185 Sevylor double action hand pump and both decks. #AE1007-SD2
Ultra System:
Bundles in two 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddles, U185 Sevylor double action hand pump, both decks and two AE2026 Packlite Spray Skirts. #AE1007-SU2
Elite System:
Bundles in two 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddles, U185 Sevylor double action hand pump, two AE2026 Packlite Spray Skirts, both decks, AE2023-AFC Backbone. #AE1007-SE2
The Works:
Bundles in two 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddles, U185 Sevylor double action hand pump, both decks, two AE2026 Packlite Spray Skirts, AE2023-AFC Backbone, and AE3010 Kayak Dolly. #AE1007-SW2
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AirKayaks.com: The AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements (03:47)

The Advanced Elements AE1007 Convertible Kayak - a 15 foot tandem that is comfortable, paddles well, looks good and is quite stable. Featuring three seating positions, the kayak is roomy enough for two, yet easily switches to solo paddling by moving the seat. It's perfect for lakes, Class I to II rapids, inlets, bays and coastal ocean. It's rugged enough for rocky shores, stable enough for white caps and wind, yet still highly portable and easily fits into the trunk of a car.


There are 9 review(s) for this product

  • Excellent kayak

    by dd2chi – 19th Aug 2013

    We've had our advanced element kayak for 2 years. We went out 11 times during last summer and several times this year. We like to do river kayaking, 1 or 2 class rapids. I am so impressed by this kayak, many of the rivers have extremely rocky bottoms and banks, and our kayak has taken a beating. so sturdy. Our friends have one exactly like ours and last year they capsized once and we capsized for the first time this weekend. First the kayak held up so beautifully, even though we almost folded it in half against a boulder. 2nd, it was easy to slip out of and not get trapped in, which is important to me. I like the flexibility of an inflatable as well. We are very happy with our purchase and I'm also happy to recommend this brand to anyone.

  • Does everything it says it does

    by Neephee – 2nd Jul 2012

    This is my first kayak. We bought it last year and used it numerous times with my sons. I love going out on the river and lake any chance I get. The only compliant I have is that because I'm a woman, it is hard for me to haul (56+ lbs) and set it up by myself. I don't think it would be difficult for most men. I would use it a lot more if I could go on my own. One day I'll get the lighter single version to compliment the tandem so I don't have to beg anyone to go with me.

    (AirKayaks note: The AE3010 Kayak Dolly is extremely helpful for hauling around the Convertible - I've taken it down steep rock banks easily, with all gear inside. It also collapses so that you can stow it on the kayak.)

  • Awesome Kayak

    by D.Wilkinson – 25th Jun 2012

    We've had our kayak for about 2 months. best investment we've made in a long time for fun entertainment. Our maiden voyage was on a lake, but it allowed us to see that we did need the upgrade lumbar seat for my husband, and we also got him the foot pegs for the extra support. We've been on several river runs, and what a blast! so much fun on moving water. I know my limitations and we didn't want to tackle anything like class III's or IV's and I don't know if I really want to do that. so class II's for us and it's plenty fun. We just got the deck and it does seem like it keeps out the water a lot better. Our buddies capsized and they have the same boat, and we have a whole new respect for how strong this kayak is. bottom line, great kayak, great investment!

  • excellent boat and value

    by frank s – 31st May 2012

    my wife and i both enjoy our single advanced frame the best.and we some times use both boats , but it seems most times we use the convertable tandum setup. the boat is well constructed, i would recomend the backbone, or maybe the new ds floor and the deck cover. with the larger boat you must take a little more care in setting up to make sure everything is well aligned but it goes easy .i experienced a slight pulling to the right even with careful setup not terrible but noticable. the deck cover seems to have corrected it and the boat works perfectly. these are excellent boats and work great, i highly reccomend them and air kayaks. just to add its great to have the option to put your boat in your trunk but you dont have to , on long trips i put it in the trunk but locally i sometimes assemble it at home and it rides great on my mini van roof. just an option you have, so you can even leave it inflated at home.

  • Very Nice Kayak

    by Unknown – 8th Jun 2011

    The durability of the boat is outstanding and has held up to many encounters with river rocks. The contruction is excellent as well as being visually pleasing. The kayak has a nice rigid feel.

    As others have reported, tracking is excellent, even in moderate wind conditions. I have not had an opportunity to paddle in more than 10 knots of wind. Manueverability is also very good with one or two people.

    Assembly is straight forward, although it does take special care to make sure the aluminum backbone(optional)is centered during the inflation process. I would recommend the backbone, as it gives a very rigid feel to the kayak. Assembly time has averaged about 20 minutes. I would also recommend purchasing a pump with a pressure gauge, otherwise it would be very easy to over-inflate the chambers.

    When paddling in shallow water of approximately 5 inches or less, the tracking skeg does hit bottom frequently. Fortunately, the durability of the hull and skeg are excellent.

    The bungie straps on the front of the kayak are very handy, especially with two people since space become somewhat limited. Also, the bow and stern handles make carrying the boat easy.

  • High Quality IF Product

    by Matt P – 23rd May 2011

    I had nothing but reviews to go on for my purchase. We wanted something that was easier to transport than a hard shell kayak, yet comparable in quality to such. The AE AFC is perfect. It tracks well and and doesn't ride like a noodle the way most inflatables do. This is not a toy and once you learn how to do the setup, it takes next to nothing to get rolling.

    The tracking is dead-on and speeds can be surprisingly when rolling in the tandem configuration. It is quite stable, even with a full, unbalanced load (although a balanced load is helpful).

    Airkayaks.com Elite package is quite nice, although I almost wish I'd bought "The Works" to include the kayak cart. The only disadvantage of this boat is the weight. At 56 pounds fully inflated, it is manageable but a bit of a pain. It can be carried on the shoulder or by the hand grips at the bow and stearn.

    I recommend this boat to anyone who wants the quality of a hard shell combined with convenience of a blowup raft.

    I also recommend at least one of the conversion decks, depending on your needs. It really does keep the water out.

    Also, if you're a person of unusual size such as myself, I can attest that even at about 330 pounds this kayak can handle you and you can sit comfortably. You probably want to sit in the back.

  • Very satisfied

    by Tim – 13th May 2011

    I wanted you to know that I received this product last week. My friend and I went out on a local (mild) river in it for 2 hours yesterday, for its maiden voyage. There was a strong wind in our face (20-25 mph) which, of course, made it necessary to paddle harder even though we were going with the current.

    The kayak was incredibly smooth, stable and tracked through the water flawlessly. I was a bit of a skeptic about this product prior to trying it out. I wanted you to know that I am impressed and very satisfied with it, and I look forward to many more excursions.

  • Absolutely amazing!

    by Evgen K. – 9th May 2011

    Just got my AF Convertible with optional backbone from airkayaks.com. Ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday ... in Toronto, Canada. This is unusually fast shipping, I must say, considering the weight! Good job airkayaks.com! I used UPS, and as expected was charged the full duties. Will try ordering with USPS next time, when they transfer the package to CanadaPost they do forget to charge duties sometimes.

    Setup time, though seems a bit complicated is actually quick. Now that I've done it about 6 times I can inflate the boat and install the backbone in under 7 minutes. Packing the boat back in it’s carrying bag is a breeze as well – just make sure that you fully deflate it with a pump.

    Build quality of this kayak is absolutely phenomenal. This is not your average inflatable - it's made to last.

    A week after I received my Convertible I took it out on a local river for a trial. The boat tracked dead straight and the speed was pretty good as well and I didn't have much of a problem keeping up with a hardshell that happened to be heading in the same direction as me. It felt as if the boat was just slicing through water and the faster I went the easier it became to paddle and keep the momentum going. It did track much better with two people in it though.

    Overall, great boat! Highly recommended.

  • Pleased with our purchase

    by Hans – 2nd May 2011

    We have convinced our neighbors of the quality of the Advanced Elements convertible kayak. We have also told them about your shop and that we are very pleased with the way you handle orders.

    Because of that you can expect an other customer in The Netherlands.

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