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Advanced Elements Convertible DS Series™ Inflatable Kayak - AE1007DS


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An AirKayaks exclusive - back in stock! The limited edition AdvancedFrame Convertible DS Series™* inflatable kayak with high-pressure dropstitch floor, high-backed lumbar seat and double action pump with gauge!

Based on popular demand, AirKayaks has packaged the popular inflatable AdvancedFrame Convertible kayak with upgraded accessories from Advanced Elements - in a limited edition blue - to create the ultimate AdvancedFrame Convertible DS Series.

The unique AdvancedFrame2 Convertible Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements features truly cutting-edge design, with its built-in rigid bow and stern and high-end components.

The front and back ribs are made of high grade aluminum, allowing the bow to slice through water like a knife. The stern acts as a skeg, which increases the tracking performance. When the chambers inflate, these ribs are pressed against the outer cover and form a high performance bow and stern which rival the tracking of a hard-shell day touring kayak yet still folds up compactly! While most inflatables ride ON the water, the AdvancedFrame rides IN the water.

The kayak is manufactured from extremely durable materials and high-end components. There is plenty of on-board storage space without cramping your leg room, making extended trips much more enjoyable. Gear can be stored behind the rear seat. It sets up in easily, and is compact enough to take along for an adventure anywhere. The kayak's durable double-coated fabric, heavy-duty PVC and electronically welded seams can take bumps, scrapes and rough water.

The Advanced Elements convertible kayak features optimal roominess for those that don't like to be hemmed in. But in a matter of seconds, with the optional single or double decks you can create a "closed deck" kayak with the ability to use a spray skirt. Three seating arrangements allow for maximum versatility!

If you love the water, but like to travel light, this sleek compact inflatable kayak will add a new dimension to your outdoor adventures. From lakes, and mild rivers, to bays and estuaries, it is a delight to get on the water quickly; keep it deflated in the trunk of your car and the next time you're driving along a river, lake or bay, you can be fishing or paddling in just minutes! This is the perfect watercraft for campers, Rvers, travelers or those that just don’t want the hassle of roof racks! Duffle bag included!

Features include:

  • Built in rigid-formed Bow and Stern with aluminum frame
  • Skeg/tracking fin
  • Hefty duffle carrying bag, maintenance kit, instructions and pump adaptor.
  • Adjustable padded back supports/seats
  • Storage area behind back cockpit
  • Military-style Air Valves, Paddle Holder
  • Molded low-profile rubber handles
  • Durable double-coated PVC-coated nylon w/tarpaulin fabric
  • Electronically Welded Seams
  • Bungee Deck Lacing to hold extra gear
  • Dimensions: Length 15 ft, width 34 inches
  • Weight: 56 lbs, max load 550 lbs, 6 chambers
  • Easy storage, portable, packs into convenient duffle bag, folded dimensions 36x21x11 inches
  • Durable, lightweight and compact - inflates easily!
  • Designed to be used in flat water to salt water.
  • Advanced inflation TwistLok valves and high flow Spring Valves! Fits most standard pumps without an adaptor!

The limited edition AdvancedFrame Convertible DS Series includes the following accessories with the kayak:

Optional matching Single Decks or Double Decks are also available.

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*DS and DS Series are trademarks of Harris & Lamb, LLC

System Details

Package Details:
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Kayak DS Only:
Comes with carrying case, dropstitch floor, AE2011 double action pump with gauge, two AE2013HB high-back lumbar seats, repair kit & instructions. #AE1007DS
Basic DS System:
Bundles in 2 Cascade paddles. #AE1007DS-SB2
Deluxe DS System:
Bundles in 2 Cascade paddles, both decks. #AE1007DS-SD2
Ultra DS System:
Bundles in two Cascade paddles, both decks, two AE2026 Packlite Spray Skirts. #AE1007DS-SU2
The Works DS:
Bundles in two Cascade paddles, both decks, two AE2026 Packlite Spray Skirts and AE3010 Kayak Dolly. #AE1007DS-SW2
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AirKayaks.com: Advanced Elements Convertible DS Series Hi Pressure Inflatable Kayak (04:36)

The AdvancedFrame Convertible DS 4 PSI Hi-pressure Drop Stitch series inflatable tandem kayak from Advanced Elements. At 15 ft and 54 lbs, the Convertible DS is fast, paddles beautifully and looks great. Featuring 3 seating positions, the kayak is roomy enough for two, yet easily switches to solo paddling by moving the seat. It's perfect for lakes, Class I to II rapids, inlets, bays and coastal ocean. Its rugged enough for rocky shores and stable enough for white caps and wind. Yet its highly portable, easily fitting in the trunk of a car.


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  • Great product for casual Kayaking

    by Bruce S – 1st Mar 2018

    Bought this Kayak in December 2017 but was not able to use it for several months. Finally got it out and tried it out. Really enjoyed it. It's a well built, quality product and performed well on the water. I had it in calm to choppy water and thought it performed well in both. AirKayaks is a great retailer and has fast shipping and service. Had to call them a couple times with some questions and they were very helpful.

  • Great kayak

    by Buckeyebuck – 4th Sep 2016

    I've only been in a few kayaks, but have canoed extensively. Was nervous but excited to get this boat out on the water with my wife.

    Wow! Handled and tracked like a dream. It was calm water, but we're fairly new to this platform. I can imagine that rougher conditions will be manageable with ease as our skills improve.

    I'm thoroughly impressed. Thank you Airkayaks for the wonderful boat and impressive shipping time. Already have several friends contemplating their own!

  • Great boat, greater service!

    by AndyJS – 16th Aug 2016

    We have had the tandem convertible for over a year now, and it is all we hoped for. Stable on Lake Michigan, stores easily under the bed of our Ridgeline, easy to inflate and put away, and fun to take on camping trips. As an apartment resident, we can easily pack it away for the winter.
    We were so happy with this boat and service from Holly we bought an inflatable stand-up-paddleboard from AirKayaks as well, and it is a huge hit.
    Thanks Holly for the advice and superior service!

  • Good kayak, great service

    by Michael Casidy – 30th Sep 2015

    We own two single touring kayaks. We selected this kayak as an alternative to take on camping trips. It serves that purpose quite well. It is probably as close as you can get to hard shell performance. The only change I would make in the design is to make the fin/skeg larger and removable. When you fold the kayak it gets bent. If it was removable it could be more effective and not get bent out of shape. Whatever inflatable you choose, Airkayaks.com is definitely the place to get it. the customer service provided by Holly is outstanding. Every little problem was resolved beyond my expectations. Holly makes Nordstrom's look like slouches.

    From AirKayaks: Thanks for the kind words, Michael! As an FYI, with skegs there is a trade off. If it's removable, many times it gets lost. If your integrated fin gets bent, it is an easy fix - just turn it upside down in the sun or use a hair dryer to straighten it out.

    Have fun!

  • Fantastic service, quick delivery, great product.

    by Erin Ruiz – 23rd Aug 2015

    Having paddled for years, I never thought I would get an inflatable kayak! My brother purchased one from Holly at airkayaks.com and uses it on the SF Bay and he loves it! This year we camped on Fallen Leaf Lake and it was frankly hard to get my boats to the water alone. I came home and after researching, ordered the Ultra Kit. I opted for a cart to move the uninflated kayak rather than the dolly. It was easy to set it up, my back was sore so my 4 year old grandson pumped it up (mostly) ! Our maiden voyage was a joy, it paddles remarkably well, is very comfortable (more so than my other kayaks!) very stable even with him climbing about in the boat, and it tracked at a good pace. Love love this kayak. I took it with 2 kids the next day, one is 7 and helped paddle and it was even better. Next trip is with my boarder collie. Now I just need to teach her to paddle...:)

  • Great transaction!

    by Lawrence – 21st Jun 2014

    Kayak Arrived in 2 Days. First Day out it performed like a champion. It was very windy on the lake, but the kayak handled beyond expectation...only down side...NOW MY WIFE WANTS HER OWN TOO!!! Thanks so much! Terrific Transaction!

  • Thank you!

    by Klaus – 3rd Jun 2014

    Not only was the delivery perfectly on time (2:44pm today), but we also got our first outing in in Tampa Bay this very afternoon.

    We are amazed how well this tandem kayak rides. it feels faster, more nimble and more stable than the single Advanced Elements kayaks (of which we own two). It is also less sensitive to lateral wind than our polyethylene tandem Dagger. That one needs a rudder to keep a couple from bitching at each other. This Advanced Elements is easily controlled even in strong wind from the side.

    We are very happy!

  • Great even for first-time users.

    by Hans and Uthe – 10th Nov 2013

    We received our Convertible DS and absolutely love it! Took it out for the first time on the lake last night and had a wonderful time - had the lake all to ourselves (probably because it was pretty cold). Easy set-up and handled wonderfully even though there was a pretty good breeze and we are both first-timers. Just us and the birds - it is really neat how the cormorants and ducks started ignoring us after a while so we got to see them so well. Thank you so much for making this happen for us! You folks are awesome!

  • Amazing Kayak!

    by Eric – 20th Oct 2013

    I have been looking for a kayak for some time so I can get out on the waters and explore islands near me in the rivers and in the ocean. I was also looking for a tandem kayak so I could bring friends along on my trips. I live in a one bedroom apartment so there is no way this would be possible with a hard shell kayak. I searched all online all over and at local stores to find something that would work and found Advanced Elements. I was looking up information on their Advanced Frame Convertible when I stumbled upon airkayaks.com and found this dropstitch floor and special color. It looked like it would be perfect for me so I called up to order it.

    This site has the best customer service! I spoke with the representative over the phone who gave me some more information about the dropstitch floor and I was sold on the deluxe version. She was extremely helpful during the payment process too. A week later I got the package in the mail.

    Since then I have taken this kayak out on the water four times. Three of those times were solo and one was tandem. I have done some recreational kayaking in the past but I have to say that I love this kayak! It has performed excellently both in its solo and tandem forms. It feels very sturdy after inflation, especially with the tougher floor. I have only handled one foot waves out on the water but this boat handles it so well I would feel confident taking it out in rougher conditions. It tracks extremely well and after a few times I have the setup time and take down times both at 10 minutes. It's hard to gauge this because each time I have the pump attached someone has always come up to ask about it. However I've never heard anything from the kayakers about it while in the water, but I'm wondering if they can even tell that it's an inflatable without being beside the boat. I even move pretty well with it too.

    So far I have clocked myself at 3.5 mph with it solo on my gps, which is just about the same speed I have seen while in a 12 foot hardshell in similar conditions. Tracking with the water is great, but I have seen that I can get blown about by strong winds. The winds need to be over 20 mph to start turning the boat, but with a little fight you keep going where you are looking to go. This has only been when the wind is behind me. If it is against me I have never had an issue staying straight, it's just fighting the wind and waves to keep going forward like you would in any other boat. Not really a complaint, just something to be ready for.

    The seats are great, the floor is excellent, and I am very happy with the paddles that came with the package. I ordered the decks but they should be coming in soon. I can't wait to try them out with them on!

    Overall I love this kayak.. I can't wait to take it out on the water again, which is easy to do since it fits in the trunk of my little car!

  • Great time and product

    by DbleDutch – 26th Jun 2013

    Purchased the Deluxe package and love the versatility. Ordered online using only the reviews and not mislead. The drop stitch floor makes this inflatable feel like a hard shell when you step in. Fits my son and I each 6ft with only a tight squeeze in the rear seat with dual deck on. So much fun for wife and I, that I have not gone solo yet. Added Attwood nav lights to stay legal after dark on the local town lake. Important to have the floor in straight, once or twice and you get the knack. Kayak has a nice glide on calm water when the floor is right. Fits our recreational needs fantastically and packs along easily with truck and 5th wheel trailer.

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