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Advanced Elements Attack Whitewater Inflatable Kayak - AE1050


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New whitewater inflatable kayak with plenty of maneuverability. 

Take on the roughest conditions with the new Advanced Elements Attack whitewater inflatable kayak! Rated through Class III, the AE1050 Attack weighs in at 34lbs. The Advanced Elements Attack features a tough 840 denier PVC tarpaulin smooth skin with a tube diameter of 9.5 inches and a rocker of 12 inches (bow/stern rise) for quick turns. PVC bladders are independent of the cover, giving it a durable, double layer thickness. Twenty self-bailing ports are located in the gap between the floor and side chambers, and can be opened or closed to allow water to drain (white water paddling) and keep water out (flat water paddling).

Features include:

  • Open self-bailing ports for whitewater, close them for calmer water
  • Hull abrasion rails
  • Self-draining covered rear cargo hold for stashing gear.
  • Hefty duffle carrying bag, maintenance kit, instructions.
  • Adjustable padded back support/seat
  • Three chambers utilizing two military-style Bravo valves and one Boston valve
  • Molded low-profile rubber handles
  • Durable double-coated PVC-coated nylon w/tarpaulin fabric; 2 layers of material
  • Electronically welded seams
  • Dimensions: Length 9 ft 6 inches, width 35 inches
  • Weight: 34 lbs, max load 300 lbs person and gear
  • Easy storage, portable, packs into convenient duffle bag with a folded size of 34x19x9 inches
  • Durable, lightweight and compact - inflates in minutes!
  • Designed to be used in white water/rivers class I-III.
  • New w/manufacturer's warranty
  • Includes adjustable thigh straps

System Details

Package Details:
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Kayak Only:
Comes with carrying case, seat, repair kit & instructions. #AE1050
Basic System:
Bundles in a 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddle and a double action hand pump. #AE1050-SB
Deluxe System:
Upgrades to a 2pc Attack Carbon Whitewater Paddle 230cm breakdown paddle and a double action hand pump. #AE1050-SD
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More Info

One year mfrs warranty.


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There are 2 review(s) for this product

  • Our trip wasn't complete without an inflatable whitewater kayak

    by Unknown – 22nd Oct 2013

    Our first rafting trip we rented equipment: a raft, life vests, the whole nine yards. The second time, we got smarter and brought our own! This inflatable whitewater kayak was the absolute best bet. It was easy to blow up and super durable on the water. Cannot say enough good things about this product.

  • Review of the Advanced Elements Attack

    by Unknown – 22nd Jun 2013

    The Attack was a great boat to paddle on the class II and small class III's here in South Texas. I was limited by how much white water is close by, but after testing the boat, I am anxious to get it on some higher volume and rivers.

    I am impressed by how small and easy it is to store in the trunk of my car- now there is no excuse for not being ready to paddle! Inflating the boat took less than five minutes and was very easy to do. I am very impressed with how stiff the floor gets, it is both rigid and soft, making for a comfortable and confident boat that didn't 'taco' in the big hole.

    The Attack is extremely light and easy to haul. When the thigh straps were attached, I was able to carry it like a golf bag.

    I was surprised by how stable the ride was, whether I was jumping in from 3 feet up or getting back in from the water after a swim, I never had any issues with stability. I feel confident enough with the stability to put my 71 year old mother in it to run some small class II rapids.

    Eddy catching was as easy as could be. This was by far the most impressive aspect of the boat. It was very confidence- building to hop from eddy to eddy simply by lifting a knee or giving it one good sweep stroke. I never had to use a brace when I was changing eddies. The Attack turns on a dime, like paddling a play boat, yet on the open water it tracked really well. I was able to build up some good speed and make quick agile moves when needed.

    The self- bailing floor worked perfectly. There was never any water built up in the boat, even while front surfing in a hole. The water drained out as quickly as it filled up which makes surfing and running continuous rapids totally doable. Personally, I would never buy an inflatable that wasn't self-bailing.

    I perceive the durability to be outstanding, if properly taken care of; I think this boat will last 20+ years. The inner tubes being double protected and stiff as a board make it seem totally bomber!

    Now for the one negative:

    The seat was a little uncomfortable; I would like to see either a higher back or a thwart used as the back rest. It wasn't terrible, but on a long trip or multiple days in a row of use, I think that it would be strenuous on the back. When I was in waves or a hole I was leaning forward and really engaging the thigh straps and everything was very comfortable, it was when I was on the flat water and wanted to lean back and stretch out that I wished I had a little more support or a thwart.

    Overall, the Attack is a great IK that is perfect for both the casual boater looking for a super stable ride or the thrill seeker looking to push his limits on local rivers and creeks. Set up was fast and storage was minimal and it seems extremely durable.

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