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Sale! Innova Swing I LN PVC-Free 3PSI Inflatable Kayak

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Past season closeout, while supplies last! A lightweight, environmentally-friendly 3PSI one person inflatable kayak - only 23 lbs!

The 10 foot 4 inch Innova Swing I inflatable kayak offers reliable performance on flatwater and slow-moving rivers.

The Innova Swing I uses an efficient "tubeless" system which is inherently lighter and inflates to higher pressures of 3 PSI. The higher pressure means that the Swing I is stiffer in rough water and has better paddling performance, while a removable tracking fin keeps the kayak "on course". It's perfect for recreational touring, great for exploring slow-moving rivers, paddling along ocean shorelines, or mild whitewater/surf.

The newly updated Innova Swing I LN is now constructed from Light Nitrilon, a polyester ripstop fabric that is single coated with rubber to increase air retension. Light Nitrilon is a lighterweight version of the rugged Nitrilon material used in the traditional Innova Sunny, Helios and safari models. A specialized manufacturing process vulcanizes the natural rubber compound on the interior of the fabric, resulting in a durable construction that tolerates high interior pressure, improving longevity as well as making the kayaks more rigid, water and abrasion resistant, without substantially increasing the kayak weight. The main chambers can be inflated to 3 PSI, translating into a stiff inflatable boat that handles responsively. Light Nitrilon is PVC-free, making it more environmentally friendly than standard inflatables using PVC bladders - there is no out-gassing. It also stores compactly when deflated and folded.

The air-holding seams are vulcanized and permanently bonded (similar to the way in which tires are vulcanized); each chamber is individually tested at the factory for air retention. It's PVC-free, making it environmentally friendly - no outgassing!

The Innova Swing I deck sheds water quickly. The deck support system uses aluminum arches fore and aft of the cockpit opening. These arches are set crosswise and provide deck shape and structure. The arches contribute to the stiffness of the Swing for paddling in rough water. These arches can be removed easily for a compact folded package, or left in the kayak for a slightly larger folded size.

There's plenty of room for storage or camping gear - bow and stern spray decks offer spray protection and provide space for gear stored underneath. The decks have fore-and-aft zippers for ease of gear access and cleaning the boat. Planning a camping trip?  Bungee deck rigging is perfect for storing extra gear within easy reach.

The Innova Swing I features three separate air chambers for safety. The valves are high-quality “bayonet” style units set flush with the fabric surface.


  • Environmentally-friendly, PVC-free Light Nitrilon
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Bow and stern spray decks offer protection from spray
  • Deck zippers offer access to gear stored underneath.
  • Seat with adjustable back support
  • Three main inflation chambers with high-quality spring-loaded military valves
  • Two carry handles
  • Repair kit, valve adaptor, tracking fin, instructions.
  • Handcrafted in Czech Republic
  • Ability to use optional spray skirt
  • Pressure relief valve on kayak floor chamber to relieve possible overpressure


  • River rating through Class II
  • Length: 10 ft. 4 in.
  • Width:  33 in.
  • Weight:  23 lbs.
  • Air chambers: 3
  • Capacity: 265 lbs (1 person and gear)
  • Packed dimensions:  27x16x10 in.


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You can also watch our YouTube Video on the Innova Swing I - this features the previous version in the LitePack material:

System Details

Package Details:
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Kayak Only:
Comes with seat, repair kit & instructions. #SWR1-K
Basic System:
Bundles in one 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddle and double action hand pump. #SWR1-SB
Deluxe System:
Bundles in one 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddle, double action hand pump & Swing spray skirt. #SWR1-SD
Ultra System:
Bundles in a Swing backpack, one 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddle, double action hand pump & Swing spray skirt. #SWR1-SU
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Two year mfrs warranty.


AirKayaks.com: Innova Swing PVC-Free Inflatable Kayak (03:45)

The Innova Swing - a 10'4" environmentally friendly, PVC-free inflatable kayak for one. Weighing in at 23 lbs the Swing is one of the lightest single-person inflatable kayaks on the market. The main chambers can be inflated to 3PSI, making it quite rigid. It paddles and tracks well - a great choice for light whitewater, slow moving rivers, lakes, bays, inlets and coastlines. The enclosed deck also make it a great choice for paddling in colder conditions or inclement weaterh.


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