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Sale! Advanced Elements AirFusion Elite Inflatable Hybrid Kayak - AE1041

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Special purchase of remaining closeout inventory, only one left! Sleek and fast - a sports car on water, now with  integrated storage options!

The Advanced Elements AirFusion Elite hybrid inflatable kayak takes the award-winning design of the original AirFusion to the next level - upgraded with more rugged poles.

A unique fusion of aluminum alloy frame poles and pressurized air tubes, results in a high-performance, rigid frame system which rivals the handling and speed of skin-on-frame kayaks. The new Advanced Elements AirFusion Elite kayak features a streamlined set up procedure with fewer poles, allowing one to get out on the water quickly. A wider beam of 28" makes the AirFusion Elite hybrid inflatable kayak more stable on the water, while the extra roominess allows for an integrated rear storage hatch for easy access to gear while on the water.

Features include:

  • Narrow beam design paddles like a rigid hard-shell kayak.
  • Heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin material for extreme puncture resistance
  • Inflatable coaming area to attach a spray skirt
  • Rear storage hatch for below-deck gear storage
  • Front bungee deck lacing
  • Multiple D-rings for gear tie-down
  • Molded rubber handles


  • Length 13 feet
  •  Width 28 inches
  • Weight 32 lbs (14.5 kgs)
  • Max weight: 235lbs (107 kgs)
  • Chambers: 7
  • Folded size: 35 x 21 x 9 inches
  • Includes duffel bag, repair kit, seat, owner's manual.


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System Details

Package Details:
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Kayak Only:
Comes with carrying case, seat, repair kit & instructions. #AE1041
Basic System:
Bundles in a 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddle and AirKayaks AK002 double action hand pump. #AE1041-SB
Deluxe System:
Bundles in a 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddle, AirKayaks AK002 double action hand pump and AE2026 Packlite Spray Skirt. #AE1040-SD
Ultra System:
Bundles in a 4pc Cannon Cascade 230cm breakdown paddle, AirKayaks AK002 double action hand pump and AE2026 Packlite Spray Skirt and AE4002 Tracking Fin/Skeg. #AE1040-SU
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AirKayaks.com: New AirFusion Elite Hi-Pressure Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements (03:46)

The new AE1041 AirFusion Elite high-pressure inflatable kayak from Advanced Elements is a racehorse on the water. Compact and lightweight, the 32 lb AirFusion features aluminum alloy poles and pressurized tubes, resulting in a high-performance, rigid system. With a narrower beam design of 28 inches, the 13 foot AirFusion Elite rivals the handling and speed of hardshell kayaks. It's fast, sleek and paddles beautifully. Perfect for ocean touring, coves and paddling rivers, while rugged enough for rocky shorelines.


There are 2 review(s) for this product

  • It's a good air yak!

    by Yap – 11th Oct 2017

    Did a 10km expedition recently with another 5 hard shell sea kayaks, and I am so pleased with the performance! The speed is comparable with those hard-shells and the skeg really works very well when encountering crosswinds. Very stable and I feel extremely comfortable in the cockpit throughout the entire trip.

  • It's a winner!

    by Lee – 6th Jun 2013

    I spent another day testing and enjoying the new AirFusion Elite. It does everything the original AirFusion could do - and then even more. Both are 32 lbs: hence, the similar hull speed. Here are some thoughts, so far:

    Elite advantages:
    1) rides higher in the water but does not displace more water than the original AirFusion; riding a bit higher means better handling in large waves, less "swamping" from waves coming over the deck
    2) much better primary or initial stability - this is a categorical difference
    3) faster set-up time: takes me ten minutes, instead of 15-20 minutes on the original FUS
    4) more storage - nice hatch
    5) gentle "rocker" both bow and stern; helps with rough water
    6) energy-efficient paddling: easier to move through the water at a good cruising speed than any other kayak I have ever paddled!! (same as original AirFusion in this respect, though)

    In general, the new Elite is an all-rounder, like the Advanced Frame 10' 5"; but, being longer, it is faster and nimbler, although its price point is higher. I could not have asserted "all-rounder" status of the original FUS, which behaves more like a specialty kayak for the more advanced paddler. The Elite is for everyone (except the obese!) and is suitable in almost all conditions, on all waters, including fast-moving rivers (remove the Skeg for this). The main thing is that one can paddle this kayak for hours at a time without tiring: it moves across the water with so little effort compared, say, to hard-shells.

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