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Demo 2017 Red Paddle Co Explorer Plus 13' 2" MSL Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

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Condition: This is a 2017 Explorer 13-2 paddle board - a customer return used a couple of times and in excellent operating condition. Some surface dirt and scuffing here and there.

What's Included: Everything that typically comes with the board - fin, instructions, repair kit, Titan pump, RSS battens, cell phone case, gauge, roller backpack. Also includes an Accent 3pc carbon breakdown paddle 70-86 inches adjustable.

Warranty: One year

Item number: A2510

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An extra beefy, rugged workhorse in a slimmer silhouette - built for adventure! Now with the Titan pump.

The Red Paddle 13'2 Explorer Plus with super thick 150mm dropstitch material! Slightly longer and thinner than the popular Explorer 12'6, the Explorer Plus is the board of choice when carrying capacity and performance are required. The squared-off tail provides increased stability, while the narrower 30 inch beam is built for speed; it's an amazing destination paddle board, designed to be paddled by those who want to know what is around the next bend in the river. Engineered to take abuse, the Explorer Plus will survive many miles of exploration, even in the blazing sun or icy waters.

While some inflatable boards flex uncontrollably in the water, Red Paddle's 16-22 PSI super-stiff, double layer construction holds firm and allows you to travel with confidence. The material thickness has been increased from 100mm to a whopping 150mm thickness - perfect for non-surfing shapes. The increased thickness is super-buoyant and 50% stiffer than a 100mm board at the same pressure, meaning a rider can obtain greater stiffness at lower pressure without affecting the ride and performance - or stiffer performance at higher pressure. At 350 liters, the Red Paddle 13'2 board has enough volume to carry a lot of equipment - or multiple paddlers.  

The Explorer Plus utilizes a low-profile, US box fin system supplied with a fin for all-around paddling - for 2017, the fin box has been improved and now fits 90% of US fins. Also new is the FCS Connect Tool-less System for fast setup and removal with no tools or bolt necessary. The new fins have a specially-designed, wear-resistant barrel with a corrosion-resistant titanium pin mechanism incorporated into the base. An integrated nose runner fin increases tracking and straight line performance in side winds, while two rear fin runners prevent “tail drift” when the board is loaded with gear.

This long stand up paddle board has extensive multiple cargo tie-down sections with stainless steel d-rings allow for a large quantity of gear to be carried on the nose and tail. Each cargo attachment has been exactly positioned to distribute the weight of both rider and gear without effecting the trim of the board, while extra grip underneath makes sure the load doesn't move. This gives a superior ride and performance while transporting an arsenal. The Explorer Plus 13'2 is an amazing platform for fishing, with loads of space on the deck to stash the catch of the day.

The new Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) was designed to increase rigidity - it works by inserting stiffening strips (battens) along the rails of the board. This works against the downward force of the rider, producing a stiffer board. The battens are removable for easy board rolling, and can be stored in the carry bag. While some inflatable boards flex uncontrollably in the water, Red Paddle's 16-22 PSI super-stiff, double layer construction holds firm and allows you to travel with confidence.

All Red Paddle Co models are now constructed using Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion technology. This innovative new process involves fusing a second layer of polymer to the drop-stitch material in the raw material stage. The end result is a higher-quality, high-pressure material utilizing less glue; this reduces the weight of each board up to 20% while increasing the tension and making the boards slightly more rigid. For 2017, the material has again been improved, making the injected, reinforced second layer thicker with increased bond strength.

New integrated threads on the nose allow the attachment of optional RAM mounts, allowing the paddler to add numerous accessories such as camera attachments, GPS, phone and fishing rod holders.

The Red Paddle Co experience is not just the board! New for 2017, both Titan pump and roller backpack have been upgraded. The new Titan pump has been redesigned internally to improve pump performance and efficiency, while the front-loading, wheeled carrybag/backpack now sports a new foil liner to protect the board against extreme heat.  The Red Paddle 13'2 Explorer Plus is so portable, there is no need to leave cars at each end of your trip - just jump on the train, bus or taxi to get home. The carry bag with rollers is great for racing through airports, but is so comfortable you could even walk home.

This long stand up paddle board is great for exploring, adventure, and discovery.

Features include:

  • Double rear fin runners for straighter paddling.
  • Removable US-box fin system with all-around fin included
  • PVC board material with high-grade, double-thread internal drop stitching
  • Double layer construction featuring a "board within a board". This adds massive strength, stiffness, consistent shape and durability.
  • Side rails with four layers of taping - maintains the boards shape, stiffness and air tight qualities. Four times thicker than many ISUPs!
  • Special "air block" membrane eliminates air leakage
  • New super traction, non-slip EVA deck pad.
  • Featuring the RSS System
  • 5 low profile handles located in bow, stern, center and both sides, more comfortable than before.
  • Thicker 150mm material (50% stiffer)
  • Nose fin runner for straighter paddling.
  • Front and rear cargo attachments for carrying gear.
  • Central logo stiffening strip.
  • Front loading backpack, comfortable to carry.
  • Board size printed on hull for easy identification.
  • Built using Red Tec Air specification, with new valves, improved seals, cap and stronger threads.
  • Includes Red Paddle Titan hand pump.


What's New

  • Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion technology, making the board more rigid and a few pounds lighter. Now with increased bond strength and thickness of the second layer. NEW!
  • Integrated threads for attaching optional RAM mounts and accessories. NEW!
  • Updated graphics and logo. NEW!
  • Internal redesign on the Titan pump for improved performance and efficiency. Now with reinforced handle bars. NEW!
  • New foil liner added to the popular wheeled roller backpack for added protection against extreme heat. NEW!
  • Improved US fin box now fits 90% of the US fins.
  • New FCS Connect Tool-less Fin System for fast removal and easy set up.



  • Length:  13’ 2”
  • Width:   30”
  • Thickness: 150mm, 5.9 inches
  • Volume 350 liters
  • Weight: 24 lbs board only
  • Max payload: 330 lbs/146 kg.


The Red Paddle Explorer Plus 13'2 comes complete with a roller backpack, repair kit, RSS battens, FCS fin, cell phone case, instructions and special Red Paddle Co Titan hand pump with pressure gauge, which makes large volume inflation to 16-22 psi easier, leaving you more time to paddle. Once you try a Red, you'll love it - the proof is in the paddling.

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AirKayaks.com: 2016 Red Paddle Co Explorer Plus 13'2" Inflatable Paddle Board (03:46)

The Red Paddle Co Explorer Plus 13'2 inflatable standup paddle board - an amazing destination SUP, built for those needing capacity and performance. The narrower 30-inch beam cuts through the water cleanly while the squared-off tail increases stability. Multiple gear attachment points, RSS batten system and thicker construction material, provide the buoyancy and stiffness needed to carry an arsenal up to 300 lbs - or multiple paddlers. It's easily handled by smaller paddlers, yet provides super-rigidity and speed for larger paddlers. It’s fast, pretty nimble for a gentle giant, paddles well and tracks/glides nicely - perfect for cruising along shorelines, slow rivers, bays and inlets.


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