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How to Get Up on Your Inflatable SUP: Tips for Beginners

When you first venture out on an inflatable SUP, the first challenge you'll encounter is getting to your feet. For some beginners, this is a difficult first step, while others don't have problems making it happen. If you are heading out on an inflatable SUP for the first time or have had problems in the [...]

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Product Review: Island Voyage 2 Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

Read our Detailed Product Review of the Island Voyage 2 inflatable kayak from Advanced Elements, on our Wordpress blog. Features, performance and set up!

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Airis Inflatable Kayaks and their Good Sport

Being one of the most-respected names in the water sports industry, Airis inflatable kayaks and stand up paddle boards rank among the very best and remain one of the most popular choices among enthusiasts. Their ease of use, lightweight body and convenient storage capabilities make Airis kayak models the preferred choice among both veteran and [...]

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Kayaking Etiquette Tips to Remember

The best way to avoid looking like a newbie - both in and out of the water - is to know what you are doing. And part of that knowledge consists of understanding kayaking etiquette rules. In fact, where kayaking is concerned, knowing proper manners and etiquette goes a lot further than paddling style or [...]

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What's SUP in the Water Sports World

Where experts and enthusiasts may argue the sport's history and origins, one inarguable point is the incredible recent growth of stand up paddle boarding and its obvious increase in popularity. Though some would say that athletes have been using some sort of paddle boards to stand and move upon water for centuries, the practice saw [...]

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Bent or Straight Shaft?

Remember back in school when your teacher would ask some inane question then tell you that there was no right or wrong answer, yet you were left feeling that you somehow had in fact, gotten the answer so very wrong? Remember thinking "then why did you ask it?" The debate over the which is better [...]

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Paddle Choice Basics

For those of you who are new to kayaking, listen up: the choice in paddle makes all the difference. For those veteran or seasoned kayakers, if you've ever used the wrong paddle you know how exhausting and frustrating it can be, leaving you physically drained and frustrated at your end results. Dependent on the size [...]

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Inflatable or Hardshell?

Whether you're considering buying your first kayak or your 51st, weighing all the options in kayak design and materials can sometimes overwhelm even the most water-soaked enthusiast. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "What makes inflatable kayaks better than hardshell models?" We believe that there are many benefits to choosing inflatable [...]

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Red Paddle Co Inflatable SUP Board 2014 Closeout Sale - Save 20%

Special purchase on Red Paddle Co 2014 inflatable SUPs - now 20% off. The prices will never be lower! Purchase a Red Air inflatable paddle board and you'll also get a FREE paddle, NO tax and FREE shipping via UPS ground in continentaly US. While supplies last.

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